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Who are Budgie-Print? I hope this sheds some light.


Budgie-Print, in its present form, was started in 2005. The man behind the concept is Daniel Merner, whose vision was to offer a cheap printing solution which was at the time unavailable.
Daniel has a strong background in Graphic Design and started out working for a web company during the late nineties.

In 2001 Daniel was part of the team which formed ‘The Virtual Company’ a company that produced real graphics work for real clients through its programme at City College Manchester. No longer did lecturers have to make up fictional briefs for its students, this was the first of it's kind. For various complicated legal reasons The Virtual Company was never intended to be a profit making company. Instead it rewarded its employed designers with client supplied vouchers, and the like. The idea was successful and the first of its kind; so much so that it was rolled out in other colleges and universities around the country.

Daniel returned to Milton Keynes and started working for Zero-Now, a web company with new and fresh ideas who helped a lot of companies in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area with their internet needs. During his tenure at Zero-Now, Daniel provided much in the way of graphic design in a freelance capacity. However, although he provided graphic design to clients, he was at that time, unable to provide the help and assistance he could see was required by his clients regarding their printing requirements.

Forever being asked by his clients to help or arrange the printing of his graphic design work for them, Daniel became acutely aware of just how expensive printing costs were in the Milton Keynes area. In addition, many print services tended to present their offerings in a manner which assumed a high degree of understanding of the print process on the part of the prospective client. That was when Daniel decided there was a need for a print company which provided both affordability and approachability; catering for companies with smaller budgets.

In order to be in a position to provide such a resource, there was a need to learn as much about print as possible, to compliment the graphic design expertise already gained. Through his contacts at Zero-Now, Daniel learn't and worked part time at MFS Reprographics and determined exactly how best to provide affordable print services tailored to the smaller business.

Using the knowledge gained, and a combined 50+ years-worth of printing experience to hand, Daniel created Budgie-Print.


Budgie-Print has three core aims, providing:

- cheap, affordable printing,

- the highest quality,

- help and advice to achieve the best from the above!

Affordability comes from economy of scale as well as shrewd sourcing of resources. Along with those savings, Budgie-Print never loses sight of the client. All the benefits of size - big enough to create value and service, but small enough to care.


Budgie-Print’s aim is to continue offering the cheapest professional full colour print solution available in Milton Keynes. Additionally, Budgie-Print offers a affordable professional experienced design service. Combined, the two solutions offered as a single-stop solution, give access to an affordable design and print solution that was once not available before Budgie-Print shook up the Milton Keynes market.