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A7 Flyer Printing in Milton Keynes
Great quality, great price, great for your business
Half the size of a a6 flyer, our a7 flyers are perfect if you want a flyer which is little bit bigger than a business card.
These flyers are small enough for a back pocket and great for hand outs if your have new promotion to shout about or have a new business you want to promote.
PLEASE NOTE: Price below are based on a 4/5 working day turnaround time from payment, if you want them quicker let us know and we will let you know the price.

Single-sided prices...

  135gsm 170gsm 250gsm 350gsm
250 £30 £33
£38 £41
500 £33
£40  £43 
1000 £35
£43  £45
2000 £40
£48  £50 
5000 £45 £50 £55  £60 



Double-sided prices...

  135gsm 170gsm 250gsm 350gsm
250 £38 £40
£43 £45
500 £40
£45  £48 
1000 £43
£48  £50
2000 £45
£50 £55 
5000 £48 £50 £58  £65 


Our flyers are VAT free. VAT only applies if applicable.

A7 Flyer File Sizes:

Artwork size: 110mm x 80mm
Finished cut size: 105mm x 74mm

Supplying Files...

For best results send your graphics in a CMYK, PDF format. Please note that if you supply files that are RGB they will automatically be converted to CMYK as part of the print process. This can result in a possible slight change to the colours as they may appear on a computer screen or monitor.

Printing Resolutions...

Please ensure your artwork is supplied at 300dpi minimum for best results.


Paper Sizes and Bleeds...

When supplying files, please allow a 3mm bleed on all sides of artwork. When positioning text, please allow 3mm from the edge of the finished document to allow for cutting.

Colour Reproduction...

We will provide you with a colour proof copy on request, but this is not an exact colour match. We can also provide a digital proof at anytime.

Supported Software...

We can accept artwork in a wide variety of formats, send them over and we will let you know if there is any issues.



We do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies in artwork provided. Whilst every effort will be made to inform you of any apparent errors,
we will reproduce the artwork you provide without further proof-reading on our part.